The Peeters house won the prize from the jury of the competition the most beautifull building in Antwerp. Seehttps://www.hetschoonstegebouw.be

The Peeters House is present in the new book on Eysselinck by Marc Dubois (Snoeck editions): Gaston Eysselinck, 1907-1953, in the footsteps of Le Corbusier. The book is available in English.

Architect Gaston Eysselinck was barely 24 years old when he designed the Peeters’ house. The inclusion of the house, along with his own house in Ghent, in the book Gli elementi dell’architettura funzionale (1935) by Alberto Sartoris meant that thes buildings were among the top of modernisme in Belgium.

The ‘modernism’ blogs are about architecture in Europe in the interbellum period. In the ’topics’ section, we specifically discuss an item. In the ‘history’ section we discuss elements of the development from 1918 to 1930. We use photos from that time. They are in black and white and thus graphical, more architectural than color photographs. But they suppose that all plastered walls were white. In cases where the true colors were preserved or could be outdated, we will mention this.