Sartoris book

In the early 1930s, the protagonists looked for a name for the new, modernist architecture. On the advice of Le Corbusier, Alberto Satoris changed the term “rational” to “functional” architecture in the title of his 1932 book: Gli Elementi dell’Architettura Funzionale. The other name for modernist architecture “The International Style” was part of the title of another important book from 1932, that of Henry-Russell Hitchcock and Philip Johnson. The book was the catalog of an exhibition at MOMA in New York. Sartoris first edition was also internationally oriented, with works by more than 150 architects from 25 countries, with a total of 676 photos. The second edition from 1935 is even more extensive, with more than 200 architects from 29 countries, and in addition to the 687 photos, many floor plans. The Peeters home was represented with three photos.

The Eysselinck archive contains floor plans of the Peeters house, which were signed after completion, most likely with the aim of a publication.

The only color illustration in the book was the isometry of a work by Sartoris himself, the villa for the painter Saladin van Berchem in Paris. The third edition from 1941 is the most complete.