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Peeters’ house << Citrohan

Eysselinck visited the Weissenhof in Stuttgart on his honeymoon in 1930. He became acquainted with the house Citrohan by Le Corbusier. In terms of functional interpretation, the house Peeters seems almost a copy of this house: on the ground floor pilotis and service areas; on the first floor, a double-height living room, a hall, a dining area and a kitchen with storage; on the second floor a study with a view on the living room and a space with bathroom and bedroom; on the third floor roof terrace and two children’s rooms. Keep in mind that Eysselincks plan is flipped relative to Le Corbusiers. The two stairs are in line. Eysselinck took the Citrohan house as example for the balcony on the first floor, indicating the location of those stairs. In the first draft of Eysselinck – the building application – the shape and location of the toilets on the second and third floors and the shape of the toilet windows in the rear were similar to the house of Le Corbusier.