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We start from the Peeters’ house by Gaston Eysselinck as a local example of modernism. He designed it in 1932, when he was barely 24 years old. Together with his own house that he had designed two years before, he received international recognition with the publication in the 1935 edition of the book Gli elementi dell’architettura funzionaleHe meant that these buildings were among the top of modernisme in Belgium.

In ‘history’ and ‘elements’ we deal with the international architecture of modernism in Europe, in the interwar period. In the ‘history’ section, we discuss the development from 1918 to 1930, mainly in buildings that were ahead of their time. In the ‘elements’ section, we specifically discuss a building. We use photos from that time. They are in black and white and therefore more graphic, more architectural than color photographs. But they contain a danger, namely the premise that all plastered walls were white. In cases where the true colors were preserved or could be traced, we will mention this.